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About Lacima

Lacima is a specialist provider of risk management, valuation and optimisation software and services for multi commodity trading organisations.

We help you to maximise your profit potential and make more informed decisions by providing tools that yield more accurate valuations, hedging analysis and risk exposure analysis of portfolios of financial contracts and physical assets.

Software Solutions

We offer flexible risk management, valuation and optimisation software for energy and commodity trading markets.

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Lacima No 1 in 2016 Energy Risk Software Rankings
06 Apr 2016

Yet again Lacima has been confirmed as the leading global analytics provider for energy trading and risk management software

Lacima awarded Analytics Provider of the Year
13 May 2015

A hat trick! First Advisory Firm of the Year, then Technology House of the Year and now Analytics Provider of the Year. Nobody else has the depth and breadth of capability to offer a full service Analytics Solution.

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