September 24, 2021

Join us at Energy Risk Asia Virtual to hear Dr Chris Strickland speak on LNG Trading

At the 14th Annual Energy Risk Asia Virtual September 23-24, 2021 Dr Chris Strickland will speak at 10:40am (Singapore time) on 24 September 2021 about LNG Trading – Gaining a Competitive Advantage and Managing your Risk. 

We hope you can join us to learn about the four key areas of competitive advantage : LNG deal valuation, portfolio analysis, portfolio optimization and market & credit risk.

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Key themes of the conference this year are

  • Energy transition in the region and risk associated with it
  • Digitalisation of the energy market, transformation and innovation
  • Data strategies and analytics, how the industry is enabling to get better decision making
  • Enhancing cyber resilience of the sector
  • Evolution of risk management in the post-covid environment
  • Drivers, risks and opportunities in LNG, oil and renewable markets
  • Growth and expansion of hydrogen
  • Multi-national electricity and inter connectivity in South East Asia
  • Embedding risk culture and governance in the energy and commodity companies
  • ESG and climate risk in energy
  • Geopolitics, energy echris@lacimagroup.comconomics and commodity market forecast

You can also watch the sessions on demand if you are unable to tune in live.

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