24 September 2021

Lacima wins Innovation of the Year a for new LNG Analytics solution, as well as Data & Analytics firm of the Year

Lacima is excited to announce that it has just taken two major awards in the Energy Risk Asia Awards 2021.

Energy Risk Asia Awards recognise excellence across Asian commodities markets players that demonstrate innovation and creativity in addressing challenges in trading and risk management.

Lacima took out Innovation of the Year and Data & Analytics Firm of the Year.

On accepting the award, Chris Strickland, CEO Lacima commented “We are thrilled to have been recognised in these two categories.  Our new solution for LNG, which provides generalised framework specifically to address the formulation of the ADP and to perform deep portfolio analysis is proving to reduce run times from several hours to a few minutes enabling time for crucial what-if analysis, stress test analysis, as well as stochastic simulation for risk purposes.  With relatively small improvements in the shipping schedule, we see clients gain many millions of dollars of extra portfolio value. 

Even more excitingly, given most LNG players have a broad range of needs including the trading of gas storage, swing, and transportation as well as managing the risk of the portfolio; our LNG solution is being integrated with our flagship Lacima Analytics solution to provide a holistic deal valuation, portfolio analysis, shipping optimization and risk management solution.   

The backbone of Lacima’s analytics offering are the unified analytics engines powering all our solutions so the same models and methodologies are employed to provide consistent results for the values used to trade a deal, through to those used to manage the risk of the positions. This LNG addition to Lacima’s suite addresses a specific pain point which is applicable across the whole LNG industry, the calculation speed of which opens up the areas of portfolio analysis, scenarios, and calculation of risk that were not available before.” 

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