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April 2019. Read the article and view the rankings tables with Lacima #1 in ten categories and top 5 in 23 categories


14 March 2019. The Energy Risk Software Rankings for 2019 have been announced and Lacima is incredibly proud that it has achieved ten #1 rankings and overall ranked in the top five for 23 categories.


28 November 2018. Lacima has just taken out the award for best Pricing and Analytics:Commodities at the prestigious Risk Markets Technology Awards held in London.


12 November 2018. Lacima is proud to announce, for the second year in a row, it's inclusion in this years' Chartis RiskTech100® list, which is globally acknowledged as the most comprehensive independent study of the world's major players in risk and compliance technology across a broad spectrum of specialisations of both financial and non-financial organisations.


18 September 2018. Lacima, today announces its cooperation with SAP. SAP and Lacima’s cooperation will enable the extensive SAP Commodity Management solution to have seamless connectivity with Lacima’s energy and commodities analytics application, Lacima Analytics.


Lacima enjoys unprecedented success in the Energy Risk Software Rankings 2018 with top five rankings in 16 categories and wins in 4 categories.


16 November 2017 In a new series for Energy Risk magazine, this first article looks at the valuation of gas storage facilities and shows how a deeper analysis of the value formation can offer insights for P&L optimisation and risk management


9 November 2017 Writing on the launch of Lacima Trader, Dr Gary Vasey of ComTech Advisory casts his support noting "Lacima has a reputation as providing really very detailed, rigourous and sophisticated risk tools that will help it to compete very effectively."


9 November 2017. Lacima is proud to announce the launch of the Lacima Trader suite of products designed to meet the needs of the Front Office. Lacima Trader comprises of stand-alone trading, structuring and valuation tools with the ability to drill down into detailed outputs and value drivers.


6 November 2017. Lacima is proud to announce its inclusion in RiskTech100® 2018, the most comprehensive study of the world's most significant risk technology companies.


Lacima is proud to acknowledge the support of the Australian Government through the Accelerating Commercialisation programme.


Read the latest findings on ETRM software implementation as revealed by responses in this year's Energy Risk Software Rankings survey.


10 May 2017 Energy Risk Awards: Another great year in Houston for Lacima with wins for the business in the annual software rankings.


5 December 2016. CubeLogic will embed a subset of Lacima’s risk analytics functionality within its platform to provide clients with a ‘one-stop shop’ for market, credit, and liquidity risk management and reporting.


Yet again Lacima has been confirmed as the leading global analytics provider for energy trading and risk management software


A hat trick! First Advisory Firm of the Year, then Technology House of the Year and now Analytics Provider of the Year. Nobody else has the depth and breadth of capability to offer a full service Analytics Solution.


Share in our success. In this newsletter we feature some of our recent wins, reflect on risk measurement vs risk management and showcase the latest release of Lacima Analytics.


Lacima Analytics has been successfully implemented at Topaz for cash-flow based metrics and stress testing across a portfolio of physical generation assets in multiple US regions


#1, again and again and again. The 2015 Energy Risk software rankings have been announced and Lacima has once again been voted number one for Risk Metrics, Modelling and Market Risk:Gas.


Lacima makes it to CIO Review’s annual Top 20 Most Promising Energy Tech Solution Providers list for its expertise in offering software solutions that have been developed and implemented by peer-recognized experts in energy analytics, offering an unparalleled level of expertise and personalized support.


Lacima today announced its strategic alliance with ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE), the leading provider of enterprise data management software solutions.


According to industry participants – we are still on top of our game. The 2014 Energy Risk software rankings have been announced and Lacima couldn’t be happier. We have once again been voted number one for Risk Metrics and Modelling.


Lacima has been singled out for its capabilities in global commodity energy portfolio risk analytics due to it's solutions that are built to analyze the risk of physical assets and financial contracts at a portfolio level for a complete view of a client's market risk.


Looking to do more on a tight budget? In this newsletter we feature fast and effective ways to improve your reporting. We also recap our exciting wins and showcase the latest release of Lacima Analytics.


Over the last three weeks we have been discussing the myths and realties of build vs buy. This week we sum up on what it all means for you.


Check in with our latest observations on the five myths and realties of build vs buy. This week we look at Myth #4:"We have people to build this in-house" and Myth #5: "We can get away with spreadsheets." Check back next week for the sum up on what it all means for you.


In our second installment on the myths and realties of build vs buy we look at Myth #2:"Risk and Valuation is where our IP is" and Myth #3: "IP stays within the company." Check back next week for Myths #4 and #5.


In that age old debate about whether an organisation should use their existing resources to "do it themselves", Lacima weighs in with some observations on five of the key myths and their realities. This week we look at Myth #1 - "It doesn't cost us anything." Check back next week for Myths #2 and #3.


Bruce Power LP, owner of Canada’s only private, and the world’s largest, operating nuclear generating facility, has selected Lacima Analytics, to measure and report market and credit risk across its portfolio of nuclear generation assets and financial contracts.


With the global surge in demand for sophisticated analytics software, Lacima is now the accepted leader of this new breed of technology.


It's official, Lacima is the "RM" in "ETRM" for industry players, achieving first place rankings in risk metrics, modelling, market risk: power and market risk: gas.


In this newsletter, we feature contrasting benefits of Value-at-Risk (VaR) vs Cashflow-at-Risk (CFaR) metrics and showcase how each of these are appropriate in the right environment.


In this third paper in the series we discuss cashflow-at-risk metrics and note that the risks faced by energy and commodity firms need to be assessed via metrics that allow for longer term outlooks and incorporate risks from asset-backed trading.


Lacima is pleased to announce the release of Lacima Analytics v7.


Lacima Analytics has been successfully implemented at SSE for cash-flow and VaR based metrics across a multi-commodity portfolio of assets and contracts


EnergyAustralia, one of Australia’s largest integrated energy companies with a multi-billion dollar portfolio of coal, gas and wind generation and retail assets, has selected Lacima Analytics.


Dr Chris Strickland's latest article in this popular series


Accurate valuations and comprehensive risk management can afford significant business benefits to market participants. Read more in the June edition of Commodities Now.


In this 2nd paper of our Business Briefing Series, we discuss why, Value-at-Risk (VaR), if used in isolation, could have serious consequences.


Dr Chris Strickland continues his "Special series: risk management reporting"


One year on from our corporate rebranding, we have been busy implementing Lacima Analytics - our flagship application for energy risk management, valuation and optimisation, in a diverse range of new customer organisations world-wide. Here ...


In this first article in a new series published in Energy Risk magazine, find out why the energy industry’s love affair with VAR could be dangerous.


Lacima is delighted to introduce the first paper in its new Business Briefing Series. In this series, we intend to provoke your thinking on how the unique attributes of energy and commodities drive risk and valuation issues, and ...


We discuss the pros and cons of this most widely used risk metric for energy markets.


Lacima’s discusses why the VaR risk metric has serious limitations if used in isolation, especially for power portfolios.


In this newsletter, we focus on challenges in the valuation of generation assets and solutions to address these challenges.


Technology is an ever-increasing part of the risk manager’s job, but the influence of the risk officer on decisions over ETRM systems can be disproportionately weak. This may be set to change.


Have CTRM vendors given up on the risk management part of their systems? And if so, what can you do to enhance this operational deficiency?


In this newsletter, we focus on challenges in swing valuation and solutions to address these challenges.


Lacima has changed. Find out why


In this newsletter, we focus on challenges in energy risk management and solutions to address these challenges.


What do commodity trading participants want from risk management and why are ETRM systems falling short?


Energy Risk Magazine honours the founders of Lacima Group as pioneering quants who have most advanced the field of quantitative analysis over the last 15 years to benefit energy markets world-wide.


Gazprom Export, the world’s leading gas exporter expands its risk measures with Lacima’s risk management software.


Centrica Energy, the UK’s largest supplier of residential gas and electricity, has successfully completed phase I of Lacima riskAnalytics implementation, to exploit optionality inherent in structured gas contract portfolios to support expansion of its businesses in Europe.


Dr Chris Strickland, Director of Lacima Group, discusses the latest trends in energy and commodities markets and Lacima riskAnalytics' value proposition to these markets.


Lacima Group received the prestigious Energy Risk Award for Advisory Firm of the Year 2008.

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