April 2012 - Several industry players choose Lacima Analytics


One year on from our corporate rebranding, we have been busy implementing Lacima Analytics - our flagship application for energy risk management, valuation and optimisation, in a diverse range of new customer organisations world-wide.

Here is a brief update on some of our current implementations, which reflect Lacima Analytics' ability to meet the specific needs of market players operating across different commodity types, geographies and IT landscapes:

  • A global multi-commodity trading player with multiple ETRM systems
    Lacima Analytics consolidates contract and market data from the existing disparate ETRM systems to provide a single consistent risk metric across a large and complex multi asset portfolio.
  • A European power generator with a specialised portfolio
    Lacima Analytics addresses the more complex characteristics of the generation and gas assets to provide asset optimisation and risk tools.
  • A North American gas utility that sought to augment their ETRM capabilities
    Lacima Analytics enables valuation and risk management of gas fixed assets, gas storage and transportation contracts in an auditable environment.
  • An Australian gas and power utility
    Lacima Analytics provides portfolio risk assessment for thermal, hydro and wind assets and their associated trading activities.

Contact us now to discuss how Lacima Analytics can potentially address your organisation's risk and valuation requirements.

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