Advisory Services


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Our Services

Valuation services. Drawing on our software, we can provide valuations and expert analysis on single assets and/or contracts or portfolios of assets and/or contracts.

Risk frameworks. We can help you to develop a risk management framework that takes into account the price dynamics and portfolio mix of energy and commodity markets.

Risk audit. We can provide expert advice on ensuring you are managing risks in your portfolios – whether simple or complex, or involving physical assets and/or financial contracts.

In-house model reviews. As the people who wrote the book that your models are probably based on, we are in a unique position to review and refine your in-house development.

Planning services. We can assist in the development of planning schedules such as ADP schedules in the LNG market

Legal support. We are the authority for expert witness testimony in the valuation and risk assessment of energy contracts.

Supported by the powerful capabilities of our software solutions, our award-winning team and unparalleled expertise in trading, valuation, optimisation and risk management dedicated to the energy and commodities markets, Lacima is the ‘go-to’ resource for many organisations with problems to solve in these areas.