Helping Traders quickly and accurately structure, price and hedge deals using robust and realistic valuation methodologies

Your Challenges

Confidently pricing commonly traded derivatives such as futures, forwards, swaps, and options as well as complex deals to make profitable trading decisions

Accurately representing valuations and Greek sensitivities based on the observed market price and volatility information

Using industry-specific models that account for mean reversion, jumps, seasonality, correlations, and other inter-relationships in energy and commodity prices

Obtaining fast and accurate results even when calculating complex simulation-based pricing and risk sensitivities

Finding flexible tools to value derivative instruments used in power, gas, oil, coal, metals and soft commodities

Ensuring comprehensive results that calculate prices and all the relevant risk sensitivities


Maximise your profit potential by making more informed decisions using superior innovative analytics.

Support decisions with accurate, timely information with a deep dive analysis to understand the drivers of the numbers so they can be explained to senior management. Confidence comes from using specialised, award winning models and methodologies that reflect real-world industry specific market dynamics enabling a wide range of energy and commodity derivatives to be valued quickly and accurately.


Lacima offers two solutions: Lacima Trader and Lacima Analytics – providing a complete solution from trading to risk management using the same consistent models and methodologies tailored to the unique market dynamics and characteristics of energy and commodities markets. With Lacima, you can confidently price an extensive list of derivatives and analyse a wide range of structured trades.